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cada|casa is a community education project based in Salem, Portland, and Bend, Oregon.  It is our goal to offer affordable, alternative, community-based education for teenagers.  We are excited to annouce the expansion of our classes to the West Salem area.  Parents and students can fill out a survey to ensure we offer what you want to learn.  Our programs (and name) are focused around Community, Academics, Sports, and Arts... and similarly in Spanish (Comunidad, Academia, Deportes, Arte).  Also, in Spanish, cada casa means every home, for hopefully every home can contribute or benefit from what we do.

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What can you teach?  What do you want to learn?  Why does learning have to take place in a classroom, from a teacher, and only when you are young?  Rethink learning.  Everyone can always learn from the people around them.  Here at cada|casa we brainstorm, develop, and offer great classes taught by passionate members of the community.  We also have experience bringing our unique curriculum to your school, organization, or non-profit.

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